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EDS Mobility Technology Sendirian Berhad is a leading defence and security, communications and information technology company in Brunei Darussalam. The company, coupled with dedicated personnel, develops and delivers quality, cost-effective and comprehensive end-to-end solutions and services to clients in today’s rapid changing security landscape.

The Team

EDS was born in the wake of the fast changing technological advancement that grows to be an important partner of the government and private investment in the Sultanate. EDS is a total market for defence and security, information technology solutions for the satisfaction of clients’ needs.

EDS was developed by its directors, senior management and engineers in the field of defence and security, and information technology. EDS has more than one decade of various experience in defense and security-related projects, marketing, consultancy, long-term communications system, radio engineering and ICT solutions.

The EDS team has provided superior protection through integrated defense and security and ICT products that made the alliances with EDS as partner for development. EDS has proven its existence as primary technology solutions that met the emerging security challenges of the 21st century. The EDS team as a partner is looking forward to continue the success, and set new standards of performance, reliability and affordability as a model for many decades to come.

EDS believes that everybody has the right to feel secured. The team is working very hard to extend the best integrated security systems and ICT Technology in the land. This is the company’s life-time commitment to guarantee high-technology products in order to ensure the safety of everyday life, including aviation networks, investment, and border controls. Safety and security are the company’s priority, because today, a safer environment is possible.