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EDS Capability

EDS has been nurtured by time, sacrifices and extensive experience in finding solutions to offer quality products related to communication systems such as: RF and Microwave System; Critical Communications Network; Digital and Analog 2-way Radio System; Satellite Phones Radio and Services; and HF Communication System. These products are exclusively distributed by a company that has excellent track record and known to its products. EDS is just one example of a combination of quality technological products and creative thinking which is committed to deliver a wide range of alternative solutions to fit every unique need of the clients.

On Security and Surveillance

The EDS has extensive experience developing world-class, fully independent capabilities, meeting the needs of a range of security and surveillance operations in the Sultanate. With its unique hardware, the company offers best solutions for the law enforcement, defence and security, government investment and private companies in Brunei Darussalam. EDS products integration enhances performance by presenting advance systems and adapting to client requirements. EDS also extends advanced technical services, maintenance and customer-tailored systems to further sustain the effectiveness of products.

Applications and IT Services

With the right partner and technology, EDS can help you deliver value by increasing the process efficiency, enhancing workforce productivity, cutting operating costs, employee and customer satisfaction, and enabling to have better and faster decisions. EDS helps ensure that your IT environment has the ability to grow and meet the fast changing technological setting while maximizing the value of your existing IT resources. EDS has conquered innovation in all domains making the company as one of the key catalysts in developing and integrating IT solutions, thereby delivering quality services to its people and unmatched ability to afford for innovative integrated technologies across domains.

E-Learning Partnership

The Sultanate has come up with various innovative learning programs to prepare the Bruneians in the advent of modern technology and to be able to be more competitive in the future. EDS has successfully contributed in the implementation of the innovative classroom that has inter-active technology system under the SPN21 curriculum in Brunei Darussalam. EDS also partnered with key government offices to provide value for money solutions to fulfill the education sector requirements particularly in support to SPN21 project. With this effort, EDS has able to leverage the experience, resources and technologies of the Bruneians as major partner to achieve the government goals.